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PowerPoint World Map Kit
Here you can find more templates and excel files on other webpages.

Chart templates for Excel and Powerpoint

For any report or analysis you need perfect charts. Find a nice collection of Excel templates below and start creating your report. We try to find templates which are always free to use. - Find nice Excel Templates

Free Excel Chart Templates for Download is the a Partner Site of Here you can find a great collection of free Chart Templates for Microsoft Excel. The Excel Files can be used for Office Version greater than 2007. All Charts can be customized to your needs. All Templates are free for Download.

Chartchooser - Free Chart Template Selector

Create beautiful Charts in Excel

Chartchooser is a collection of Templates for Excel and Powerpoint. You can select a beautiful chart and download it for Excel or PowerPoint. Report like a rockstar and turn your crowd into fans of amazing data using Slice! The Chartchooser has currently 17 Templates available.

Nice Chart templates on Microsoft Online

Excel Templates on Microsoft Online

Microsoft Online offers many Chart Templates for free. You will find an amazing collections of Templates and different chart styles. Download Column, Pie or Donut Charts for free. It is always worth a look, if you search for something specific. Find more chart templates on Microsoft Online.

Chart Tutorials

There are a bunch of nice tutorials on the web on how to create nice charts. Here you will find some interesting sites, which offers tutorials for creating excel based charts. If you need Charts for Presentations you should have a look at the PremiumSlides Charting kit.

Big Collection of Chart Tutorials

Learn how to create charts in Excel is one nice resource for learning how to create special charts. The site offers many detailed instructions and helps you to understand creating charts in Microsoft Excel. Visit the Tutorials for multiple Charttypes on Peltiertech

Chart Add-Ins for Microsoft Excel

Standard Excel already offers a lot functions and features. But sometimes you need to accomplish special tasks. Therefore you can add new Features to your Excel with Add-Ins. Be Sure to turn your Macros, so that the Addins will work. Find all Add-ins for Excel on our Tools and Addins site.