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Charts Templates for Excel und Dashboards

Free Excel Templates

Download free Excel Dashboard, Chart, Analysis or SWOT Templates. Below is a collection of free professional templates. All Templates can be used for commercial use. Feel free to adjust and customize the excel spreadsheets.

Free Excel Calendar Template 2014

Excel Calendar Template 2014

Plan your year 2014! Start to enter your dates in the new Excel Calendar Template for 2014. Every month has its own sheet. So it will easy to organize your meetings and appointments. Download this template for free. Excel Calendar Template for 2014

Free Excel UEFA EURO 2012 Tournament Schedule

UEFA EURO 2012 Final Tournament Schedule

A release of UEFA EURO 2012 Final Tournament Schedule thanks to, This is a free Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template with a schedule of all tournament games. It calculates the position of each football team according to game scores and UEFA rules automatically. Excel UEFA EURO 2012 Tournament Schedule

Free Excel Cash Flow Projection Template

Excel Cash Flow Template

Weekly Rolling Cash Flow Projection Template for Excel 2003 or higher. Use his template to show Business expenses and Ending Cash Balance. Nice Table and easy to use for achieving fast results.
Download Cash Flow Projection Template

Free Break even Excel Template

Excel Break Even Template

The break-even point (BEP) is the point at which cost or expenses and revenue are equal: there is no net loss or gain, and one has "broken even". Use this Excel Template to calculate your break even point.
Download Break Even Excel Template

Customer Lifetime Value Analysis

Excel Customer Lifetime Value Template

Free Customer Lifetime Value Calculator for Excel. It is a easy to use tool for quick customer analysis.
Download Customer Lifetime Value Template

Free Excel What-If Analysis Template

Excel What If Dashboard Template

The What-If Model will allow a team the ability to model the potential financial impact of a variety of initiatives upon a company’s financial statements.
Download What-If Template

Free Excel Project Preformance Report Dashboard

Excel Calendar Template

This template produces a high-level report on the status of numerous projects and allows you to track project status in a snapshot format. This template has two worksheets: a worksheet containing definitions of terms and formulas and a worksheet for data. Download Project Template

Free 2012 Excel Compact Calendar Template - PDF included

Excel Calendar Template

The free Compact Calendar is a printable calendar in an Excel spreadsheet, designed to be easy to use for impromptu planning by yourself or with a group of people. Download Clandar Template - Multi-language!

Free Excel Break Even Template

Break Even Template for Excel

This Break Even analysis template helps you calculate how much you need to sell before you begin to make a profit. You can also see how fixed costs, price, volume, and other factors affect your net profit. Use this template to perform break even analysis in your company.
You can download this Break Even Template here.

Free Excel Calendar Template

Excel Scorecard Template

This free calendar template can be used to create a monthly calendar for any month of any year (after 1900). It uses some fancy Excel features such as macros and form controls (for adjusting the color scheme), conditional formatting (for controlling the background color of some cells), named ranges (for working with formulas and the macros), and linked images (for displaying mini previous- and next-month calendars).
Download the set of Excel Calendar Templates

Free Excel Balanced Scorecard Templates

Excel Scorecard Template

This is a nice set of Excel Based Scorecard Templates from exinfm. This balanced scorecard shows timelines, goals, measurement summaries etc.

Download the set of Scorecard Templates

Free Monthly Budget Planner

This personal monthly budget template automatically calculates the difference between your projected and actual income. It then provides a balance summary. More than 2.000.000 Downloads!

Download the monthly Budget Planner Template

37 Excel Six Sigma Templates

Excel Project Management Templates

Here is a large collection of 37 excel templates for Six Sigma. This Six Sigma Toolkit covers all issues of this topic. These Excel Templates help with Process Characterization and Process optimization.

Download Six Sigma Toolkit Templates

27 Project Management Templates

Excel Project Management Templates

Here is a nice collection of 27 excel templates (charter, budget, risk register, issues log, etc.) for managing a project. These Excel Templates are provided by International Association of Project and Program Management.

Download Project Management Templates


Example of Excel Pareto Chart

On Microsoft Online you can find free template for Analysis. This samples shows a Pareto Analysis. It creates pareto chart and updates the calculations for your data. All you have to do is to group your data in categories in descending order and your cumulative percentage column is calculated automatically. This chart updates automatically. You can find more great templates on Microsoft Online.

SWOT Templates

Easy Swot Analysis Template for Excel

Easy Templates for SWOT-Analysis based on Excel. This Template gives you the opportunity to enter values for your SWOT Analysis. It has a compact design and easy to setup. You can find and download this template on Microsoft Online

Excel Templates by Naegele Consulting

The Excel Templates below can be downloaded on There are usable for many different business cases. At the moment there is only a German language version available.

Dynamic decision support

Dynamic decsion support on

This very simple Excelspreadsheet supports your decision. You can rate several criteria and show the result in a graphical report. 

Resource planning

Resource planning and Projectmembers on

In every projects are many addresses, emails, vacations and so on. In this little tool you can combine these information and get an overview.


Trackinglist and workpackages on

This spreadsheet is for planning worfkpackages and tracking its success. There is a report about the status as well.

SWOT-Analysis Exceltemplate

Exceltool for SWOT-Analysis on

With this checklist you can do a SWOT-Analysis. The result is shown in a graphical report.

Risk management Excel template

Exceltool for Riskmanagement on

With this spreadsheet you can evaluate Risks. The result is shown in a graphical report.

Stakeholderanalysis Template

Template for Stakeholderanalysis on

With this template you can do a Stakeholderanalysis. The influence of the Stakeholders are shown in a graphical report.

Portfolioanalysis Template

Exceltool for Portfolioanalysis on

With this template you can do a McKinsey Portfolioanalysis. There are questions for the x and y values.