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Charts Templates for Excel und Dashboards

Excel Dashboard Product Reviews

Many visitors ask us about how to start with Excel Dashboards. What should I read, where can I find free and paid resources for creating Dashboards? Actually there are just a view publishers for Excel Dashboard Training. Here you can find a review of their products. We tried and tested all products. So read what we find out in our reviews.

Excel Dashboard Template Kit

The Excel Dashboard Template Kit is one of the first books about Excel Dashboard Reporting. Charley Kyd the father of all Dashboard Reporting describes in his book how to create dashboards. Read our short review and watch the video.

Excel Dashboard Template Tutorial

Excel Dashboard Tutorial

Learn how to create Dashboard Templates in Excel. In this short Video tutorial you will learn the creation process of an Excel Dashboard Template. The Tutorial starts with the basics of Dashboard construction and ends up with a final version of the dashboard you can see on left hand side. Read the review about the Excel Dashboard Course.

Excel Add-in Reviews

Add-ins and Plug-ins help to extend standard Excel functionality. The tools will be integrated in your Excel Navigation or give you access to new formulas and functions. With these tools you can accomplish new extraordinary tasks.

KydAxes Add-in for Microsoft Excel

The KydSeries Add-in for Excel adds impressive traffic light charts, new chart types, awesome stock charts and dynamic color adjustment to your excel dashboards. These Charts are great for integration in your dashboards. Are they good enough? Read the whole review of this new add-in here

KydSeries Add-in for Microsoft Excel

The KydAxes Add-in for Excel adds new options for styling axes in excel charts. Easily you can create outstanding reports and show charts for non-periodic data also. The Charts you can create with this plugin are not available in standard Excel. Read the whole review of this new add-in here