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Review of Chandoo's Excel Dashboard Video Tutorial.

Today, I watched the Excel Dashboard Video Tutorial from
His tutorial package includes a video about 65 minutes long and comes with a demo dashboard file as well as 10 online video resources about various excel tips.
Chandoo creates this Dashboard in Excel Version 2007, so keep in mind that older versions are not supported.

On his web site he lets you notice that "You will not enjoy this course if you are an absolute beginner of Excel". And that is right, you need to have knowledge about some basic stuff like pivot tables or how to set up formulas in excel. But if you work with Excel once a week, you can easily follow this tutorial. Below is the dashboard, which is delivered with this package.

Excel Dashboard

So now, what is the fuss all about?

First of all, this tutorial is very practical, you can apply, what you have learned directly to your daily work. Chandoo has a very structured process of creating dashboards and sometimes it is not only about Excel, but why he has chosen data and why he has left some data behind.
In his dashboard, he shows data about his blog like the development of visitors, comments and postings. So he works with real data to show a practical example. By the way, it is also very interesting for bloggers and web developers, to see how he analyzes his data.
As I mentioned before, he has a structured process and after he has explained some basics about the dashboard he guides you step by step through the creation.
What I liked is that he did not start with formulas, but with started from scratch. So what are the goals of your dashboard, how could it look like, how often will you have to update it and so on. It is a very practical approach.
Chandoo talks like a friend, just if you are a good colleague. It is amazing, that you have a tutorial about 1 hour with no stop in it. His clear and friendly makes it easy for listening. His fresh and uncomplicated way doesn't make you feel like sitting in a classroom. Once you are through the tutorial you won't even believe that an hour has passed.

Learn Features that make you look professional.

They're many little things you probably haven't seen before with a WOW-effect. E.g. Chandoo describes a nice technique for creating Microcharts, in an easy way I have never seen before.

 Dashboard Chart

Imagine you can create such charts in nearly 5 seconds without the chart tool from excel, just a small formula. I was really impressed. WOW! Or how to create updating images from your data.
Another nice thing is his way of counting words in excel and using them in his dashboard. The tutorial becomes more and more interesting, once Chandoo digs deeper into the creation process.

To whom this Tutorial is recommended.

Chandoo has over 4 years of experience in Excel development and is a Microsoft Excel MVP since 2009. You will profit from his experience and recommendations for you daily work.
I really enjoyed this tutorial and learned a lot, which I will use for my next dashboard template. That's why I recommend this comprehensive tutorial to all who are working with excel. I receive a lot of files and requests for posting an article on this site, but only if I would buy it, I post it here. So this Dashboard Video Training costs about $37 and this is an absolutely great investment which pays me back everyday.

Watch how Chandoo is explaining stuff in his videos.

Here is a short video from Chandoo's blog, about a reader's dashboard, just to give you an impression how the tutorial will be, of course the Dashboard Training Session is in High Definition Quality.

Get more information about this Add-in on Charly's web site.