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Review of the new KydAxes Microsoft Excel Add-in for formatting Axes by Charley Kyd

The second new Excel Add-in from Charley Kyd is KydAxes. This Add-in helps you format the X and Y Axes in Microsoft Excel Charts. Like the Add-in KydSeries, this Add-in formats the chart axes only with formulas.

As you might know, formatting axes in Microsoft Excel can be a real waste of time and, because of limitations in the software, the axes never look as smart as in magazines or reports. The other issue is the automatically reformatting of all settings by Excel itself after you have entered new data. Then you have to go back and format your charts again.

Charley Kyd developed the KydAxes Add-in to break through Excel's limitations and achieved impressive results. His Add-in is a smart tool, which helps to create data driven axes descriptions and freezes the formatting based on the setting you entered before.

Here is an example of formatted axes on a Microsoft Excel chart:

Chart Axes

As you can see, there are many options to format the X-Axes. I have tried many times without this Add-in, but never could achieve such results.

The same options are available for the Y-Axes. Here, you can predefine the style as well. Most important is the setting of the highest value of the axes based on the entered data. So you can have the same high and low-ends for all your charts axes in your dashboard. The ends will be calculated dynamically based on all your data.

Who should buy the KydAxes Add-in?

The KydAxes Add-in is a very useful tool for presenting a polished style on your axes. It is easy to implement and once you understand how it works you won't want to miss it anymore. If you are doing a lot of dashboard reporting and you update your data very often, this Add-in is a must have.

Who should not buy the KydAxes Add-in?

This Add-in is not a drag and drop or plug and play component. It works with formulas and you should not be afraid of using functions in excel. Of course it is easy to learn, but if you are searching an extended visual chart creator for Excel you will be disappointed.


The KydAxes Add-in convinces with a handy functionality, breaking through Excel's limitations. It is easy to use and brings quick results. It does not have the WOW-Effect like the KydSeries or Charley's dashboard Add-ins, but if you are a professional Excel user it should have a place in your toolbox.

KydSeries Add-in

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